Dining Room Rental

- Dining Table (4 & 6-seaters)
- Dining Chairs with cushions (as per table size)

Other Packages and single pieces also available. Contact us for more details.
Here are some reasons why you should rent furniture from Decopad instead of buying:
- Can't decide what to buy: A new home brings many changes to your life. If you are undecided about your furniture, we recommend that you rent for a few months till you settle down. By then you will have a better sense of what your needs are.
- Postpone a large investment: You are already under pressure with your home payments, registration charges, new kitchen, wardrobes... Renting is a good way of postponing your furniture investment till you can catch your breath.
- Likely to move out of town: Better rent so you can live comfortably in an uncertain period.

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