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LIZ Kitchen

LIZ is out top-of-the-line luxury kitchen. We make no compromises with this kitchen in its design, finishes, and accessories.
LIZ Kitchen features: - High Gloss Shutters
- Rubber door seals
- Rubber lining mats in drawers
- Taller top units
- Under-counter lights
- Handle-less design for top and bottom shutters
- Optional extra-wide hob & chimney

Plus all MIA Kitchen Features
- Under-counter lights
- Handle-less top units
- Integrated hob & chimney
- Tandem box drawers
- Oil pullout
- Cutlery Tray
- Copper gas piping with shut-off valve
- Chimney piping and cover
- Waterproof PVC skirting
LIZ Kitchen Specifications
- Carcass: Plywood (HMR)
- Shutters: EU Grade MDF
- Fittings & accessories: Hettich
- Racks: Ebco
- Soft Closing Shutters

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