Quality is remembered long after the Price is forgotten

What Does Your Product Really Cost?

This is always the most common question we get because as Indians, we are all very cost conscious. Unfortunately, we are “cost conscious” but not “cost aware”. Take a look at the total cost of the product over its life versus the value it gives.
What are the components of cost?

Carpenters Carpenters Decopad Decopad
Cost Components Your Money Your Time Your Money Your Time
  – Quoted Cost Minimal
  – Installation Nil Nil
  – Transportation Nil Nil
  – Cost Escalations Nil Nil
  – Breakdown/Repairs Nil Minimal


Value Carpenters Decopad
  – Design Low High
  – Functionality Problematic High
  – Life Quick Deterioration Long Life
  – Headaches Constant Rare
 – After Sales Service Mobile number does not exist Free 2-year warranty


So are you really paying less by hiring a carpenter or a contractor? It’s unlikely if you really value your time. And what value are you getting in return?

Remember that Quality is remembered long after the Price is forgotten.

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